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Intelligent drive the rise of new electronic components

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Intelligent drive the rise of new electronic components

Release date:2017-11-02 17:41 source: Views:

[Inner Mongolia Erdos Electronics Co. Ltd. the main SMD power inductors, plastic wire wound chip inductors, solid organic resistors etc.] with downstream consumer electronic products to the increasingly thin, intelligent direction, electronic components are also entered a new stage in the new electronic components as the main body. Electronic components from the original only in order to meet the requirements of the improvement of the miniaturization of the whole machine and new technology, to meet the characteristics of the proposed technology into the development of digital technology and microelectronics requirements, entered a new stage of the industrialization development complete.

According to insiders, the new electronic components with high frequency, chip miniaturization, thinness, low power consumption, fast response speed, high resolution, high precision, high power, modular characteristics, manufacturing precision, matching process automation, production environment has become increasingly demanding.

In the trend of the development of electronic products to light and small, it promotes the upgrading of PCB (PCB) from rigidity to flexibility. The flexible circuit board (FPC) has the characteristics of thin, bendable, winding, folding, high wiring density, a perfect fit lightweight, miniaturization of the main theme of the development in recent years, PCB become the industry leader subdivision. The FPC industry is dominated by South Korea in recent years, increased production costs to gradually shift the focus to the domestic FPC industry.

As a big consumer of electronic products in the world, the flexible circuit board has a huge demand in China, the domestic flexible circuit board enterprises are ushering in rapid development.

Flexible circuit board, with light weight, thin thickness, good bending and other characteristics, has become an indispensable component of smart phones and other consumer electronic products. The flexible circuit board demand grows every day. Europe and the United States and Japanese enterprises than domestic manufacturers 10 years to 20 years into the FPC industry, at present their scale is much larger than domestic manufacturers. Now, the global annual flexible circuit board market demand for $about 10000000000, nearly 100 billion yuan, while domestic enterprises accounted for the global market and it is only about 10%, broad prospects for the future.

According to experts, China is the largest producer and consumer of electronic components, and the output of electronic components has accounted for more than 39% of the world. Domestic manufacturers always keep up with the trend of development, constantly improve their technical ability and product quality, catch up with international advanced enterprises, and strive to shorten the gap, in order to better meet the domestic market demand for electronic components.

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