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The intelligent sensor network the three major challenges facing the field in the matter

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The intelligent sensor network the three major challenges facing the field in the matter

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[Inner Mongolia Erdos Electronics Co. Ltd. the main SMD power inductors, plastic wire wound chip inductors, solid organic resistors etc.] in the world of things, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) sensor is built and its surrounding many user equipment (such as mobile phone, smart wearable devices, robots and unmanned aerial vehicles) between the bridge. However, just by virtue of the device sensing and the fundamental connection is not enough to achieve the lofty goal of things. Only people oriented, that is, to solve daily challenges in daily life, make life more convenient and enhance ease of use, the Internet of things can be successful. In addition, with the increasing complexity of the surrounding environment, all kinds of equipment for all things all the time sensing function also makes sensor suppliers face enormous challenges.

The intelligent sensor network the three major challenges facing the field in the matter

Today's smart sensor module contains some processing capabilities integrated with the original sensor, and the major challenges it faces can be summarized as the following three points:

The first challenge is technology itself. The supplier to complete this mission impossible using MEMS and its core technology system. To the engineers, this is a physical challenge limit. The package size can not be infinitely reduced, and the low energy consumption and high performance requirements are also constantly improving. Suppliers have to improve the system, to make it more intelligent, more perceptive. To achieve this goal, we must make technology across multiple product platform.

Dispersion characteristics of the second challenge from industry wide. At present, most of the revenue from MEMS sensors comes from smart phones - with more than one billion smartphones sold each year, and each smartphone contains at least one MEMS sensor. Bosch Sensortec and other manufacturers have developed the corresponding MEMS sensors according to the specifications set by the original device manufacturer (OEM).

But the Internet of things is a special field, which is characterized by the high dispersion of the competitive technology platform structure. In the whole space of the Internet of things, the requirements of sensor subsystems composed of sensors, microcontrollers and actuators are quite different. Therefore, Bosch Sensortec and other suppliers need to create cross platform solutions for integrated hardware and software, and provide dedicated application software. With the help of software and professional application technology, vendors do not have to specifically customize hardware solutions for each application when they help customers solve specific problems.

The final challenge is a complexity of geometric growth. The Internet of things system itself is very complex, and only providing components can not meet the needs of the original equipment manufacturers, usually need a one-stop solution or reference design. The market leading position in the system of suppliers will be more processing power in a single modular equipment, as a foundation for the development of integrated intelligent sensor solutions, so as to meet the needs of the substantial reduction in complexity.

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