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The electronic technology to promote industrial upgrading of the ninetieth China electronics exhibition will be held this week at Zaihu

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The electronic technology to promote industrial upgrading of the ninetieth China electronics exhibition will be held this week at Zaihu

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[Inner Mongolia Erdos Electronics Co. Ltd. the main SMD power inductors, plastic wire wound chip inductors, resistors and other organic solid core] ninetieth Chinese electronics exhibition will be held October 25th -27 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center opened. This exhibition takes "information driven industrialization, electronic technology to promote industrial upgrading" as the theme, focusing on industry cutting-edge technology and innovative products, and strive to create first-class exchanges and cooperation platform for domestic and foreign enterprises.

London reporter learned that the exhibition display area of nearly 60000 square meters, including building integrated components, instrumentation, intelligent manufacturing equipment, integrated circuit, intelligent network, car networking, smart home and electronic sports exhibition, in addition, there are many famous enterprises participating in group and forum activities bring new the change of China's electronic information industry, the new situation and new opportunities for consumers.

Highlights of the core exhibition area, an overview of the future trend of the industry

With the development of low consumption electronic products in the future, the electronic components are also entering the new era with the new electronic components as the main body.

The new electronic components with high frequency, chip miniaturization, thinness, low power consumption, fast response speed, high resolution, high precision, high power, modular characteristics, manufacturing precision, matching process automation, production environment has become increasingly demanding.

As a large producer and consumer of electronic components in China, the output of electronic components has accounted for more than 39% of the world. It is reported that, in order to meet the consumer demand for electronic components, integrated components of this exhibition exhibition, from our exhibitors from all sides, such as Switzerland, Guizhou, China Aviation optical Lei Mo aerospace electronics, Shanghai Delta, etc., as the China electronics components exhibit advantages of traditional exhibition, after years of efforts, has become an important communication platform China electronic products. In addition, the automotive electronics exhibition, intelligent manufacturing equipment exhibition area will also display the core highlights technology.

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