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Focus on emerging areas and seize opportunities for development

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Focus on emerging areas and seize opportunities for development

Release date:2017-10-16 16:09 source: Views:

[critical rise of Inner Mongolia Electronics Co., Erdos main SMD power inductors, plastic wire wound chip inductors, resistors and other solid organic] technological innovation and emerging developments in the field of any industry. In the long term to cope with the international financial crisis, the world will have the innovation in science and technology as a strategic move, vigorously develop new energy sources, new materials, electronic information, energy saving and environmental protection and other emerging industries, in order to seize the commanding heights of industry development and the future of Science and technology. The electronic components industry to grasp the development opportunities, to achieve further development, need to focus on these new applications and policy oriented, such as triple play, wireless Internet, networking, new energy and high-speed rail construction etc..

Taking the Internet of things industry as an example, sensors and sensitive components are the basis of the future trillion yuan industry, and will certainly be vigorously supported by the state. The next few years, things will continue to penetrate into the social life, including many areas of intelligent transportation, smart city, environmental protection, public security, smart grid, driven by the electronic components industry rapid development. According to the research institutions predicted that by 2020, the Internet of things related embedded chips, sensors, radio frequency "smart object" number or more than 2 trillion. Recently, the Internet industry in Wuxi Research Institute of strategic Department of Han Xia on the "revealed Chinese components manufacturing industry networking opportunities" in Shanghai Pudong Airport, a project of 35 km fence construction project needs about more than 30 thousand networking nodes, and each node is composed of various sensors and other electronic devices, the overall demand for components very large.

How to meet the needs of the times, not eliminated by the times, has become the focus of attention of the entire electronic component industry. Under this background, sponsored by the Institute of electronics components Chinese branch, ceeic and information dissemination limited company, "the joint passive components and integrated" Guangdong Provincial Department of cooperative innovation alliance, Shanghai electronic components industry association's "2017 China development of electronic components and materials technology forum", the top resources will build the electronic components industry and based on the domestic and foreign components and materials development and other topics to discuss, as audiences a top industry feast.

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