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Suzhou nano wearable sweat sensor research progress

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Suzhou nano wearable sweat sensor research progress

Release date:2017-10-10 09:10 source: Views:

[Inner Mongolia Ordos Electronics Co. Ltd. the main SMD power inductors, plastic wire wound chip inductors, resistors and other solid organic China] Suzhou Institute of nanotechnology and nano bionics research institute Zhang Ting team early development can be used for flexible wearable ion type humidity sensor skin moisture detection (Advanced Science, 2017, 1600404,1-7, Back Cover). Then, the miniature solid-state ion sensor and solid-state reference electrode stability and other key problems of science and technology, the research team combined MEMS with micropore array electrode chip template prepared by micro nano processing technology design, three-dimensional nano structure of gold ion / high surface area and adjustable electronic conduction electrode array was fabricated by a step electrodeposition method, phase comparison based on carbon nanotubes, graphene, porous carbon materials such as ion / electron conducting layer, which has the advantages of simple preparation, good reproducibility and other advantages. All solid state ion selective electrode constructed by the electrode chip has stable potential response sensitivity (56.58 + 1.02mV/decade), fast response time (<10s) and wide linear range (10-6 ~ 10-1mol/L), reduce the potential drift and water interference sensor. Through the optimization of the reference electrode of polymer film and salt components in the sensor chip integrated electrode based on all solid state reference polymer / potassium chloride, micro parameters obtained electrode chip has a short equilibration time, of different types and different ionic strength of electrolyte disturbance response is small, less sensitive to light in pH3 ~ 10 in the range of response stability, long-term stability and other advantages. At the same time, the research team innovatively designed with sweat collection, transport and discharge structure of the wearable "sweat guide belt" sweat sensing devices, the sensor chip and sweat wicking with integrated package, can be comfortable and convenient to wear and forehead area, can carry out real-time continuous monitoring and analysis of electrolyte in the process of human motion the people exercise, monitoring the dehydration process, especially with early warning and guidance for athletes, emergency health personnel, soldiers in the execution of task in the process of high strength.

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