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Automotive intelligent wave irresistible, trillions of electronic components market will open

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Automotive intelligent wave irresistible, trillions of electronic components market will open

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[Inner Mongolia Ordos Electronics Co. Ltd. the main SMD power inductors, plastic wire wound chip inductors, resistors and other solid organic] automobile intelligent wave trillion electronic components market will be a trend which cannot be halted, open. Smart cockpit, ADAS, electric vehicles for the most promising plate, the traditional electronic enterprises have been cut into a large scale, ushered in a new round of development.

First, open trillion new markets

Automotive electronics opened trillions of new markets, the first coverage given overweight rating. Driverless car is the ultimate goal of the pursuit of automotive development, automotive electronics for all the foundation. At present, the proportion of automotive electronics continues to rise, the rapid development of the electric vehicle industry to further promote the growth of automotive electronic demand. It is estimated that in 2017 the China automotive electronics market will exceed 500 billion yuan, the market size will reach trillion in 2020, automotive electronics will become the next electronic components relay intelligent mobile phone trillion market for the first time to cover, to "overweight" rating.

Two, ushered in the volume and price of Qi excellent situation

The car follows the intelligent evolution path of mobile phone, welcome quantity, price to go up, excellent situation. The development of the vehicle follows the evolution path of the mobile phone, along a single function to part of intelligence, and then to the overall intelligent direction of progress, automotive electronic content continues to improve. In 2017, the global auto sales will exceed 93 million 500 thousand vehicles, and China's auto sales will be close to 30 million, and the automotive electronics market will usher in an excellent situation of volume and price.

Intelligent cockpit leading human car interaction depth change, ADAS open car intelligent screen. Intelligent cockpit significantly improve the interactive experience, the industry chain is highly similar to consumer electronics, consumer electronics companies have begun to cut in. The number of display will be from 1 to 6, the market size will grow from 10 billion 320 million yuan in 2016 to 26 billion 240 million yuan in 2019, CAGR36.5%, in addition, the flow of the rearview mirror brings the main chip market opportunities. The ADAS system is the core of intelligent car open era, and just to be in the policy driven market is to accelerate the penetration of the situation, 2017-2019 is expected Chinese ADAS market size was 27 billion 500 million yuan, 37 billion 200 million yuan, 54 billion 200 million yuan, the growth rate was 34.8%, 35.3%, 45.7%. ADAS is composed of perception layer, judge layer, executive layer and interconnection layer. The opportunity of domestic enterprise is mainly based on the integration of camera and judgment layer in perception layer.

Four, the industrial chain continued to benefit

High speed electric car industry continued to benefit from the industrial chain clearly. In the policy driven, electric car sales ushered in the outbreak of growth, driven by changes in energy led to electric cars, automotive electronics accounted for as much as 50%, batteries, electronic control link for the new market. Compared with the traditional automobile industry chain, the electric vehicle industry chain is more flat, and the electronic enterprises have been cut in a big way, focusing on the direction of power batteries, passive components, power semiconductors.

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