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Sensor operating principle

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Sensor operating principle

Release date:2017-08-22 11:29 source: Views:

[classification physical sensor working principle Ordos Inner Mongolia Electronics Co. Ltd. the main SMD power inductors, plastic wire wound chip inductors, resistors and other solid organic] sensor applications are physical effects, such as piezoelectric effect, magnetostriction, ionization, polarization, thermoelectric, photoelectric, magnetoelectric effect etc.. A small change in the amount of signals to be measured will be converted to electrical signals. Chemical sensors include sensors that act as causal agents for chemisorption and electrochemical reactions, and small changes in the amount of signals to be measured are converted into electrical signals.

Most sensors operate on the basis of physical principles. There are many problems in chemical sensor technology, such as reliability, scale production, price, and so on. These problems will be solved, and the application of chemical sensors will be greatly increased.

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