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Sensors are the foundation of the Internet of things

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Sensors are the foundation of the Internet of things

Release date:2017-08-08 17:48 source: Views:

[Inner Mongolia Ordos Electronics Co. Ltd. the main SMD power inductors, plastic wire wound chip inductors, resistors and other solid organic] things is an important part of a new generation of information technology, is an important stage in the development of "information era". IOT has deployed a wide variety of sensors, each of which is a source of information, and different types of sensors capture different information content and information formats. The data obtained by Holzer sensor is real-time, and the environment information is collected periodically according to a certain frequency, and the data is updated continuously. Sensors and their integrated circuits are the most basic industries for the development of Internet of things, and their level of technology is also a key factor affecting the popularity of Internet of things.

The smaller feature size of integrated circuit means that the device integration is higher, run faster, better performance of sensor networking system for the smaller size of the system in the layout also means more convenient and better performance.

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