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Stealth sensor, whats the use of sensors?

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Stealth sensor, whats the use of sensors?

Release date:2017-08-03 15:49 source: Views:

[Inner Mongolia Ordos Electronics Co. Ltd. the main SMD power inductors, plastic wire wound chip inductors, solid organic resistors etc.] intelligent mobile phone to the user experience is absolutely not the third party extensions, and it relies on the hardware based implementation of man-machine interactive experience, such as screen rotation, swing song for mobile phone wallpaper and so on. Many people are puzzled in the handset next to several black dots is what to do with them, in fact is the humanization of the hardware foundation, which are collectively referred to as the "sensor" equipped with a smart mobile phone to light perception, distance, gravity, change direction etc, and we can get a more intelligent use of humanity experience.

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