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Smt chip processing, how to choose SMD inductors?

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Smt chip processing, how to choose SMD inductors?

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[Inner Mongolia Erdos Electronics Co., Ltd., SMD power inductors, plastic winding chip inductors, organic solid core resistors, etc.] today, we talk about SMD inductors. In SMT SMT processing, SMD inductors mainly assume choke, decoupling, filtering and tuning. There are two kinds of SMD inductors: winding type and lamination type. Then, in the SMT patch processing, and how to choose the appropriate chip inductors?

The width of the 1. patch inductor is less than the width of the inductor to prevent excessive solder from producing excessive tensile stress during cooling and to change the inductance value.

2., the market can buy SMD inductors accuracy is mostly 10%, and if the accuracy is higher than 5%, you need to advance orders.

3. some SMD inductors can be reflow and wave soldering, but some patch inductors can not use wave soldering.

4., maintenance can not only rely on inductance to replace chip inductors. We also need to know the working frequency of chip inductors in order to guarantee the working performance.

5. SMD inductors are similar in shape and size, and have no obvious signs on their appearance. Do not mistake the position or take the wrong parts when hand welding or hand mounting.

6., there are three common SMD inductors: first, high-frequency inductors used in microwave. It is suitable for use in band 1GHz above. Second kinds of high frequency SMD inductors. The utility model is suitable for the resonant circuit and the frequency selective circuit. Third kinds of general inductance. Generally applied to circuits with tens of megahertz.

7. different products, the coil diameter is different, the same amount of inductance, the DC resistance presented are also different. In the high frequency circuit, the DC resistance has a great influence on the Q value, so attention should be paid to the design.

8. allowing maximum current is also an indicator of the chip inductance. When the circuit needs to bear large current passing, the index of capacitance must be considered.

When the 9. power inductor is applied to the DC/DC converter, its inductance directly affects the working state of the circuit. In practice, it is often possible to change the inductance by increasing or decreasing the coil to obtain the best results.

10. communications devices operating in the 150~900MHz band, often used in wirewound inductors. In the frequency circuit above 1GHz, microwave high frequency inductors must be used.

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