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Selection and test of inductors

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Selection and test of inductors

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[Inner Mongolia Ordos Electronics Co. Ltd. the main SMD power inductors, plastic wire wound chip inductors, resistors and other solid organic] selection should consider the specific use of the inductor circuit requirements, occasions, function, environment and cost etc.. Should the "skin effect" using silver coated wire made of hollow coil to solve the high-frequency current in the high frequency circuit; in order to increase the inductance, according to the scope of work as core inductors to match the materials, such as high frequency using nickel zinc ferrite material.

Using the multimeter "ohm" block to measure the DC resistance of the inductor, the quality of the inductor can be preliminarily detected. If the measured resistance value is less than the same value of the same inductance, it shows that there is a short circuit in the coil, and the smaller the resistance, the more serious the short-circuit phenomenon. If the resistance is great and the resistance is infinite, the inner part of the coil is broken.

For coils with multiple windings, the multimeter shall be used to check whether there is any short-circuit or open circuit between each winding. For a coil with a magnetic core or a metal shield, it shall check whether the coil is in short circuit with the core or metal shield.

In addition, in the use of inductors, should pay attention to the following problems.

For an adjustable inductance coil with a magnetic core, it is desirable to match the threads of the core. To rotate easily, and can not slip.

The damage of inductors is usually caused by excessive force of external force or by bad environment, damp, mildew and corrosion. Once the coil is broken or the strands are short, check the weld point at the front of the coil or where it is often twisted. In the use of inductance coil, be careful not to change its shape and coil distance, otherwise it will affect the inductance of the coil and quality factors, for high-frequency induction coil is particularly important.

In the installation of multiple coils, each coil should be placed in accordance with the requirements, so that they interfere with each other minimum. For example, in the radio recorder, the antenna coil and the intermediate frequency transformer should be kept at a certain distance, and the two types of magnetic cores are vertically installed.

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