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Contact person:Mr JunYI Zhang (13947735108)
  Mr Yao Wang  13924678799(GuangDong)

Address:No.4 High  Technology  Industry  Park  0rdos  City

(Dongguan branch Address:Tangxia Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province)


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     corporate culture

     1、Value: to serve the motherland, Rongrubujing, decorate their homes, casting life

     2、Enterprise spirit: wisdom, bold, pioneering and innovation

     3、Enterprise faith: believe in the Human effort is the decisive factor.

     4、Basic code of conduct: loyalty, responsibility, and the pursuit of

     5、Product quality view: high quality products are produced, rather than the test out of.

     6、Service consumption view: I am the consumer, I am the customer.

     7、Safety production view: ignoring the safety of production is to ignore the first laws and regulations of enterprises

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